How to Choose the Best Solar Technology Company

With California being the state with the biggest solar industry and the most support for the development of the technology, it’s no wonder that there are many solar power companies in the state. There are all sorts of companies filling all the stages of getting solar technology into our homes, from manufacturing the photovoltaic cells to companies assembling the panels, then to those installing the system. But since most of us deal with those installing the rigs into our electricity grids, we’ll be talking about how to choose the best from among these companies.

The first thing that you need to do, of course, is to make a list of the available companies in your area. It doesn’t make sense to hire a company from another area when you have competent ones in your city. Compile the relevant details about each company into a single file, like a spreadsheet, for easier comparison. You should include all companies within the area, from the small and local companies to the large national firms. 

Then you need to assess the advantages and disadvantages of hiring each company. Your list comes in handy in this step. You can use all the information that you put on your list and add the pros and cons of each company to determine you’re shortlisted in companies that you want to work with. When looking for the best solar company, one of the best indicators is an experience. The longer they have been in the business, the better equipped they are to handle the issues that will be presenting themselves once the project starts.

Since California offers payment plans with no upfront payment requirements, the next best criterion to judge solar companies by is the type of warranty their products and services carry. The solar warranty often consists of equipment warranty and performance warranty. Equipment warranty refers to the product itself and how long it should remain operational. Top companies offer equipment warranties of 10-12 years. Performance warranties are for any drops in efficiency the equipment will experience over time. Most companies offer a warranty of 90% performance for up to 10 years and 80% performance for up to 25 years.

You should also check the company credentials as well as reviews left by their previous clients. Many companies post any certifications they have online, particularly on their websites. While companies without certifications are still more than capable of safely installing your solar rig, certifications are proof that a company has all the tools, knowledge and experience necessary to do a top-notch job. If a company without visible certifications catches your eye, make sure to inspect all the reviews left for this firm. It could give you the information and insight you need to make the correct decision.

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3 Roofing Basics That You Need to Teach Yourself

Maybe you are wondering why you would need to get the basics down pat when all you have to do is to hire a professional roofer for repairs and replacements. Well, it’s simple really. The more you know about roofing basics, the easier it will be for you to speak with the experts. You will also have an easier time deciding on the correct course of action since you can supplement your knowledge with information from your roofing contractor. Keep reading so you know the three basic roofing knowledge that you need to have.

You should be familiar with the term roof system. Many people see the roof as only one homogeneous structure. The truth of it is that the roof is made up of several interconnected parts that play off each other’s strengths to create one structure with a lot of functions. Here are the parts of a roof system:

Sheathing – boards or flat sheets attached to rafters to cover the house or building

Roof covering – materials that protect the sheathing from the elements. These include tiles, shingles and all other roofing material that gets damaged and repaired first.

Roof structure – the sturdy understructure of the roof that supports the sheathing.

Flashing – materials used to cover valleys and joints to prevent water seepage and leaks.

Drainage – a design feature of all roofs whose purpose is to help shed water. This includes the slope of the roof as well as the gutters where water runs into.

Choosing the correct roof system can be daunting but all you need to remember is that you have to prioritize at least one of the following: aesthetics, architectural design, durability or cost. You can base your decision based on what properties do you want your house to show. Organic materials like wood are the least expensive and one of the lightest but it is also the least durable, lasting only up to 20 years. Heavier materials like clay or concrete last up to 100 years or more but are more expensive to purchase and to install. Metal roofs are light and durable, but they are quite expensive and can create much noise, especially when it’s raining.

It is very useful to note that insulation and ventilation are key functions of your roof. Ventilation lets heat out while insulation keeps heat in. This is how a roof regulates a house’s interior temperature. Remember not to block sources of ventilation while sealing sources of insulation. That way, temperature regulation is optimal.

The last thing that you need to know is that the roof is constantly being damaged by external forces, like heat from the sun, the force of the rain, wind, and hail, and the weight of snow. With all of these “enemies”, it is inevitable that the roof’s performance will dip in time. Take note of your roof’s birthday and consider replacing it when it is 25 years old.

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Blue Water Credit Repair: What Causes Low Credit Score and How to Fix it Fast

If you have a low credit score and are facing a lot of credit-related problems, then you might want to consider Blue Water Credit Repair Service. Having a bad credit score can lead to a lot of disadvantages in your life. Not only you will find it hard to apply for a credit card and loans, but it could ultimately lead to being homeless. More and more companies have been taking a look at job applicants’ credit reports to see signs of financial difficulty that could indicate risks of fraud. In simple words, the lower the credit score you have, the less likely you will get a job.

Knowing the causes of having a low credit score is essential for you. If you are more knowledgeable about why your credit score is low, then there is a higher chance of avoiding a bad credit score. Let us point out what are the causes of a low credit score and how to fix it fast.

Not Paying On Time

Not paying on time is one of the reasons why your credit score is low. By weight, late payments contribute thirty-five percent to your credit score. The solution is very simple and obvious. Make sure to pay your bills on time to avoid lowering your score.

Not Paying At All

There is one worse thing than late payments. That is not paying at all. Defaulting on payments assures a low credit score. Even worse, not paying your bills for more than 180 days can lead to charge offs.

Charge Off Accounts

An unpaid bill for more than 180 days becomes a charge off. A charge off happens when a creditor has given up trying to get the payment from you. This does not mean that you are free from the obligation of paying it. A creditor will hire a debt collection company so they will be the ones to get the payment from you. These collectors are known to be very persistent and will submit a case to the court if necessary.


The worst thing that can happen to your credit report is when there is a judgment item on it. This means that even the debt collection company is having a hard time trying to get the payment from you that they decide to involve the court. If you have judgments on your credit report, then a very poor credit score is assured. It is highly suggested that you hire a professional like Blue Water credit repair services to help you.

How To Fix Your Low Credit Score

The Blue Water Credit Repair team believes that the best way to fix your credit score is to take a look at your credit report and identify what causes you to have a low credit score. They will devise an action plan for strategies you can apply to fix your credit score. Blue Water Credit will then educate you on all the things you need to know and apply to keep a high credit score. Next, Blue Water Credit will work with you and review your every credit line and look for items that are eligible for a dispute, a successfully disputed error in your credit report is one of the fastest ways of improving your credit score.

Lastly, they will develop a plan to rehab your credit and by following this plan, you will keep a high credit score that gives you various financial advantages. Are you ready to fix your credit score with Blue Water Credit? To learn more, visit us now!


What is Reputation Management?

Management is one thing that is considered when we talk about organizations. In each step of management, communication plays a role in it. Management itself is a habit that is carried out consciously and continuously in forming an organization. Basically, as we know that the initial purpose of a public relations or public relations organization or company is to handle an image or a reputation in the eyes of the public, both in the internal and external environment.

Reputation is an asset that is important for an organization or company because public trust is built on reputation. However, reputation is not something that remains. Sometimes it recedes, for this reason, efforts are needed to maintain reputation.

The reputation management of public relations is a very important part, such as maintaining public reputation and trust in the organization. Not surprisingly, many public relations consultants advise clients to maintain good relations with the media to maintain the reputation of the organization.